Unlisted Properties

In Buhaira Consulting have the most exclusive properties in Seville and Sotogrande for sale and rental homes in some cases for security or privacy can not be shown on our website.

If you are considering the purchase of a villa, a representative building or hotel and want to know our unlisted properties you can contact us by sending an email to info@buhairaconsulting.com info@buhairaconsulting.com


2174SevillaAlcalá de GuadaíraPlot for sale at Alcalá de Guadara1,300,000€

1485SevillaAlcalá de GuadaíraChalet 1,027m2 for sale at Torrequinto1,400,000€

1420SevillaBormujosChalet 748m2 for sale at El Zaudín1,250,000€

1910SevillaCamasChalet 977m2 for sale at Colina Blanca1,300,000€

2124SevillaGinesChalet 3,078m2 for sale at Gines1,500,000€

807SevillaMairena del AljarafeChalet 1,300m2 for sale at Simón Verde1,450,000€

979SevillaMairena del AljarafeChalet 1,503m2 for sale at Simón Verde1,350,000€

1394SevillaMairena del AljarafeChalet 2,057m2 for sale at Simón Verde950,000€

1960SevillaSevillaApartment 449m2 for sale at El Prado1,500,000€

753SevillaSevillaApartment 300m2 for sale at El Prado930,000€

1589SevillaSevillaApartment 315m2 for sale at Nervión1,250,000€

1983SevillaSevillaHouse 236m2 for sale at Nervión1,155,000€

1673SevillaSevillaApartment 461m2 for sale at Nervión1,000,000€

1464SevillaSevillaPenthouse 320m2 for sale at Nervión970,000€

1711SevillaSevillaApartment 620m2 for sale at Los Remedios2,400,000€

1587SevillaSevillaApartment 446m2 for sale at Los Remedios1,800,000€

1730SevillaSevillaApartment 320m2 for sale at Los Remedios1,400,000€

1705SevillaSevillaApartment 341m2 for sale at Los Remedios1,400,000€

1843SevillaSevillaApartment 371m2 for sale at Los Remedios1,250,000€

2056SevillaSevillaHouse 519m2 for sale at El Centro3,700,000€

2055SevillaSevillaHouse 1,122m2 for sale at El Centro3,700,000€

1443SevillaSevillaHouse 743m2 for sale at El Centro2,250,000€

1660SevillaSevillaPenthouse 298m2 for sale at El Centro2,000,000€

1194SevillaSevillaHouse 465m2 for sale at El Centro1,800,000€

1088SevillaSevillaHouse 340m2 for sale at El Centro1,550,000€

1768SevillaSevillaBuilding 1,971m2 for sale at El Centro1,500,000€

2140SevillaSevillaHouse 261m2 for sale at El Centro1,200,000€

910SevillaSevillaHouse 271m2 for sale at El Centro1,000,000€

1725SevillaSevillaChalet 1,142m2 for sale at La Palmera4,000,000€

1726SevillaSevillaChalet 760m2 for sale at La Palmera2,060,000€

1458SevillaSevillaHouse 474m2 for sale at Triana3,900,000€

1661SevillaSevillaDuplex 404m2 for sale at El Porvenir1,200,000€

1858SevillaSevillaApartment 243m2 for sale at El Porvenir1,100,000€

1211SevillaSevillaApartment 301m2 for sale at Buhaira - Viapol1,075,000€

1709SevillaSevillaPenthouse 230m2 for sale at Buhaira - Viapol1,100,000€

1627SevillaSevillaHouse 501m2 for sale at San Bernardo1,500,000€

788CádizArcos de la FronteraChalet 935m2 for sale at Arcos de la Frontera1,500,000€

1613CádizEl Puerto de Santa MaríaVilla 1,845m2 for sale at Vistahermosa2,500,000€

1614CádizEl Puerto de Santa MaríaChalet 1,133m2 for sale at Vistahermosa1,900,000€

1769CádizSanlúcar de BarramedaPlot 2Ha for sale at Sanlúcar de Barrameda3,750,000€

1173BarcelonaBarcelonaVilla 3,123m2 for sale at Urbanizaciones1,850,000€

1557BarcelonaAlellaChalet 1,700m2 for sale at Alella2,900,000€

1559BarcelonaAlellaVilla 7,000m2 for sale at Alella2,100,000€

1564BarcelonaArgentonaChalet 1,200m2 for sale at Argentona1,200,000€

1567BarcelonaCabrilsChalet 1,000m2 for sale at Cabrils1,200,000€

1561BarcelonaCabrilsChalet 6,000m2 for sale at Cabrils975,000€

1565BarcelonaTeiàChalet 800m2 for sale at Teià1,350,000€

1555BarcelonaVallromanesChalet 1,600m2 for sale at Vallromanes1,500,000€

1558BarcelonaArenys de MarChalet 763m2 for sale at Arenys de Mar1,500,000€

1560BarcelonaSant Andreu de LlavaneresChalet 2,000m2 for sale at Sant Andreu de Llavaneres1,300,000€

1566BarcelonaSant Andreu de LlavaneresChalet 2,100m2 for sale at Sant Andreu de Llavaneres1,200,000€

1551MadridMadridChalet 1Ha for sale at Urbanizaciones11,000,000€

1552MadridMadridChalet 5,256m2 for sale at Urbanizaciones7,000,000€

1553MadridMadridChalet 3,120m2 for sale at Urbanizaciones3,800,000€

1554MadridMadridChalet 2,500m2 for sale at Urbanizaciones1,575,000€


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